BelleGlass Fillings

In the past ten years , the priorities of preparing teeth replacement have changed greatly. This had lead to an increased demand of aesthetic procedure from patients, meaning that aesthetic solutions have become prominent in dentistry as well.

Being the experience dentist that he is, Dr. Lopez is aware of great variety of demands that his clients have and thus, he offers all kinds of services to try and meet their expectations. Included in these services is the option of Belle Glass fillings.

Belle Glass composite restorations have proven to be one of the most reliable restorations available in the industry. They are ideal for restoring heavily filled posterior teeth and offer excellent esthetics and resilience.

The BelleGlass heat-and-pressure processed polymer glass is the low wear/high strength material of preference for the laboratory fabrication of exceptionally esthetic inlays, onlays, full coverage crowns, bridges and long term replacement teeth. The one of a kind formulation and the heat-and-pressure curing process bring higher levels of long-term stability to composite restorations than ever before.

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