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Also known as dental caps, dental crowns are applied on teeth which have suffered from relentless damage and decay. As their name implies, a crown is a ‘cap’ which is placed over the tooth; they can cover discoloration as well for the crown wraps the entire tooth directly from the gum line. Dental caps are used as a ‘last resort’ when filling material cannot be utilized to recover and re-strengthen the problematic tooth. They can also be used as an ‘extra support’, since they work by binding the sides of the decayed tooth together, reinforcing its structure.

If you happen to suffer from an improper bite or if you have an altered chewing pattern, dental crowns might be the perfect solution for you. Also, when it comes to cracked or broken teeth, this procedure can help you regain the charming smile you have always desired.

You must, however, keep in mind that Dr. Lopez does not recommend the use of dental crowns for mere esthetic gains. The setting of the cap implies the buffering away of part of the tooth and it should only be placed when there is a need to protect or reinforce the tooth.

Crowns manufactured at our lab are made from many different substances but there are essentially three different types: gold, metal-ceramic crowns (both are ideal for back teeth since they are extremely durable) and ceramic crowns (used primarily for front teeth since they resemble the natural color of the tooth).

Dental Crown Procedure

It will take approximately 2 visits to Dr. Lopez to get this procedure done. It is performed under local anesthesia and proceeds as follows:

If the decay of your tooth/teeth is too great, then Dr. Lopez will have to perform a root canal treatment before the crown is placed. Once this is done, he will have to build the base for the dental cap (‘post and core’ foundation).

Your tooth will then be filed down to make space for the crown. Dr. Lopez will continue to make a ‘cast’ of your tooth and will send it over to our lab to have your crown manufactured especially to your needs.

While the cap is being made, a temporal acrylic crown will be placed over your tooth. While you have this temporal cap, you must be extremely careful with your oral hygiene. The health of your gums is extremely important and will determine the success of the whole procedure. If the cap happens to fall out, place it over your tooth immediately and call Dr. Lopez so he can re-cement it for you.

Finally, once manufacturing is finished, the temporary crown will be taken out and replaced with the permanent one. Dr. Lopez will make sure that your bite is appropriate with this new cap and will make the necessary adjustments. If you feel any discomfort with the crown, feel free to tell him so that he can fix it accordingly. Once both of you are happy with the fit, the cap will be cemented over your tooth permanently.

After the procedure, you will find that your tooth will be sensitive for a few weeks. This is completely normal and will recede as time passes.

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