Dental Surgery

Dr. Alvaro Lopez is a respected dental surgeon with more than 10 years of experience when it comes to helping people look better and feel better about themselves. He takes personal interest in every single one of his clients and thus, he has managed to create many genuine smiles with his skills.

The doctor has had extensive training and long years of experience when it comes to providing the best anesthetics, the best post-surgery treatments, minimizing anxiety and reducing the recovery period needed for a patient to heal.

One of the most highly requested oral surgeries in Costa Rica would be a dental implants procedure. This, in fact, is Dr. Lopez's specialty. He has some of the best referentes and the longest experiences in the country. A dental implants treatment combines the best of modern science and technology, and a professional team with a dedicated focus to all the aspects that the procedure entails. A successful implant requires the active participation of all the people involved: the patient, the dental surgeon and the specialized dental lab that manufactures the implant. All the members of the team need to make certain that they communicate efficiently; this way, exceptional results will be guaranteed and they will surely meet the client's expectations.

Dental Surgery can alleviate problems like:

Tooth loss

Essental implants are a great solution for tooth loss and is an excellent alternative to dentures. The implants basically work as tooth root substitutes that are surgically fastened to the jawbone and serve as a base for artificial teeth. For this procedure, patients must have an adequate bone structure for the implants to work.

Poor Fitting Dentures

For people who are getting dentures made for the first time, oral surgery can deal with any irregularities of the jaw preceding the manufacturing of the dentures to ensure an ideal fit. Surgery can also help patients that have worn their dentures for a long time since the supporting bone of the jaw can deteriorate.

If you have any questions concerning the surgeries Dr. Lopez can perform to help you with any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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