Dental Solutions in Costa Rica

Dr. Alvaro Lopez and his staff specialize in affordable dental implants, crowns, porcelain cosmetics along with other general dentistry procedures like crowns, fillings, dentures, oral surgery and more at low Costa Rican prices.

Visit us if you are a resident, or become part of the ever growing number of dental and medical tourists that benefit from our fine work and low dental costs.

Dental Tourism in CR

The solution to your dental budget is a vacation!

Costa Rica is constantly hailed as the happiest country on this great Earth. This green welcoming nation has high level dental professionals and state of the art infrastructure in order to keep everyones smiles shining. And at Costa Rica prices, it pays to visit this peace loving Republic.

Dental Solutions can help you with your stay in Costa Rica by taking care of accomodations, transportation and touristic activities that can work around your dentist appointment.

Please tell us how we can help.

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