Recovery Center

Your recovery period after having submitted yourself to any sort of dental treatment is one of the most important phases of the whole procedure and the results will depend greatly on how well you care for your dental health during this time. If you receive the best and most professional care during your recuperation, the outcome of your treatment will become even more evident when the time comes for you to expose your new smile to the world.

Depending on the procedure or dental surgery you have undertaken, Dr. Lopez may recommend for you to stay at a recovery center for a certain period of time, where you will receive the best care possible to aid you in your recovery. This is especially applicable for patients who have traveled all the way to Costa Rica to have their dental treatment performed. In most cases, clients will need to stay at the center over-night or for a couple of days once the procedure is finished and afterwards, you will be allowed to leave and return to the comfort of your own home to recuperate.

Dr. Lopez and his assistants will give you detailed instructions concerning the post-surgery care you are required to have. He will inform you concerning any activities you will need to avoid as well as special diet plans you will need to heed while waiting for your teeth and mouth to return to normal. At the same time, you can discuss any type of medication that Dr. Lopez may recommend for you to take during your recovery to make the whole period more comfortable for you.

It doesn’t matter which recovery center you choose while recovering with Dental Solutions, we always ensure to offer you state-of-the-art facilities, offering the best individual care in the country and in a laid back, stress-free atmosphere. All rooms are comfortably furnished, spacious and with a private bath. All of the centers that we have at your disposal are staffed with a dedicated and professional nursing team, trained to meet the different needs of all our clients and their accompanying family members, ensuring a safe and enjoyable recovery period.

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